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№2 слайд
Recapture the unique
Содержание слайда: Recapture the unique Recapture the unique atmosphere of the world- famous Championships with a visit to Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

№3 слайд
The gentle game of lawn The
Содержание слайда: The gentle game of lawn The gentle game of lawn tennis was once all the range on the lawns of Victorian England. Its origins go far back to medieval Royal tennis. Discover how the game grew into the multi-million pound worldwide sport that it is today.

№4 слайд
This is the only chance most
Содержание слайда: This is the only chance most will ever have to get close to the original Champions’ trophies – the ultimate prizes in the world’s most celebrated tennis tournament.

№5 слайд
A superb view of the famous
Содержание слайда: A superb view of the famous Centre Court enables you to recapture some of that special atmosphere that makes Wimbledon unique.

№6 слайд
How would the great players
Содержание слайда: How would the great players from the past fare against today’s champions? Judge for yourself as you watch film and video footage of your favourite players, past and present, in action.

№7 слайд
Visitors have the opportunity
Содержание слайда: Visitors have the opportunity to take guided tours of the Championship grounds, led by specially trained Blue Badge guides, all year-round. The tours gain access to restricted areas normally closed to the public.

№8 слайд
Something extraordinary is
Содержание слайда: Something extraordinary is happening at the grounds of Wimbledon. By Easter 2006, the drilling, building, noise and construction will disappear to unveil a brand new and improved Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.

№9 слайд
The Kenneth Ritchie Wimbledon
Содержание слайда: The Kenneth Ritchie Wimbledon Library, which is part of The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, contains one of the most outstanding collections of British and foreign lawn tennis books, annuals, periodicals, programmes, newspaper cuttings, video cassettes, etc.

№10 слайд
Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum
Содержание слайда: Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is home to a fine collection of tennis equipment, costume, and memorabilia of past and present Champions. The Museum has a flourishing Education Department and active schools programme. Children are offered the opportunity to learn through a range of subjects and to explore the game of lawn tennis in a safe and stimulating environment.

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By Underground Go to
Содержание слайда: By Underground: Go to Southfields on the District Line or South Wimbledon on the Northern Line, then take Bus 493. Enter through Gate 4. By Bus: Bus 493 runs from Richmond to Tooting, connecting with the District Line at Southfields, with the Northern Line at South Wimbledon, and with the rail/tram at Wimbledon Station. By Rail: A 10-minute ride from London Waterloo to Wimbledon Station, then Bus 493. By Road: From central London take the A3 Portsmouth road and just before Tibbet's Corner, turn left onto A219 towards Wimbledon. Down Parkside, then turn left into Church Road.

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