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№1 слайд
Monsanto Corporation
Содержание слайда: Monsanto Corporation

№2 слайд
History Monsanto Company is a
Содержание слайда: History Monsanto Company is a publicly traded American multinational chemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation headquartered in Creve Coeur, Missouri (the USA) It is a leading producer of genetically engineered seed and of the herbicide glyphosate which it markets under the Roundup brand (most famous product)

№3 слайд
History and data Founder John
Содержание слайда: History and data: Founder: John Francis Queeny- a 30‑year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry who funded the start-up with his own money and capital from a soft drink distributor and gave the company his wife's maiden name. Industry: Agriculture, biotechnology, genetic modification Founded: St. Louis, Missouri (U.S.) in 1901 Headquarters Creve Coeur, Missouri, U.S. Key people Hugh Grant (Chairman, President and CEO) Products: Herbicides, pesticides, crop seeds Revenue in 2011: US$ 11.822 billion Operating income in 2011: US$ 2.502 billion

№4 слайд
Benchmarks Monsanto was the
Содержание слайда: Benchmarks: Monsanto was the first company that modified a plant cell, along with three academic teams, which was announced in 1983, and was among the first to conduct field trials of genetically modified crops, which it did in 1987. The Monsanto founder (Mr. Queeny was first who opened cofein and vanilla) that sooner began the essential company`s exporting products In 1940s Monsanto became the leading producer of polisterol (plastic) and synthetic fibres. Through a series of transactions, the Monsanto that existed from 1901 to 2000 and the current Monsanto are legally two distinct corporations. Most of the genetically modified products were created after 1997.

№5 слайд
Benchmarks In Robb Fraley,
Содержание слайда: Benchmarks In 1982 Robb Fraley, Robert Horsch, Ernest Jaworski, Stephen Rogers realized the first genetic transformation and gained the first National US medal in technology sphere. Many of Monsanto's agricultural seed (mostly soy and sunflower) are genetically modified for resistance to herbicides. Monsanto sells glyphosate under the brand, "Roundup" – Monsanto calls these seeds "Roundup Ready“. In 1990s the company began to produce the first genetically modified sugar. In 1994 the company created the trnsgenetic hormon for the strongness of bulls. That later were recognized as dangerous for the human health and were prohibited in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the EU.

№6 слайд
Pesticides used for the
Содержание слайда: Pesticides used for the harvest increase

№7 слайд
Scandals Monsanto is
Содержание слайда: Scandals Monsanto is constantly critisez by the human-rights organizations. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, public attention was drawn to suicides by indebted farmers in India following crop failures In 1999, Monsanto was condemned by the UK Advertising Standards Authority for making "confusing, misleading, unproven and wrong" claims about its products over the course of a £1 million advertising campaign. It is known for using the child labor in India and testing its products in the Indian fields. (Child labor is widespread in India's agricultural sector, which employs ~60% of India's child labor. Child labor is especially used in seed production)

№8 слайд
Scandals In s Monsanto used
Содержание слайда: Scandals In 1960 s Monsanto used the dangerous “Orange agent” during the Vietnam war that is used in order to defoliate the leaves before the harvest. As a result more than a million vietnamese became invalids before reaching 18 years. In 2005 Monsanto was sued for the bribing to the Indonesian officials. In the mid 2000 export and import of Monsanto products were prohibited in Hungary.

№9 слайд
Judicial proceedings In the
Содержание слайда: Judicial proceedings In the early 1990s Monsanto faced several lawsuits over harm caused by PCBs from workers at companies such as Westinghouse that bought PCBs from Monsanto and used them to build electrical equipment In 2000, Great Lakes Chemical Corporation sued Monsanto for the $71 million shortfall in expected sales. After that Monsanto had failed to alter its manufacturing process to eliminate dioxin as a byproduct and that it had failed to warn the public about dioxin's harmfulness. A worldwide protest against Monsanto and GMOs took place on May 25, 2013. The number of protesters who took part is uncertain; figures of "hundreds of thousands" or "two million" were variously cited. According to organizers, protesters in 436 cities and 52 countries took part.

№10 слайд
Government support It is
Содержание слайда: Government support It is well-known that Monsanto company is supported and lobbied actively in the White House. A number of people have held positions at Monsanto and in US government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration for example and the US Suprime Court. The following connections allows the Monsanto Corporation not tho mark “genetically modified” status on its products. Monsanto has also been the corporate sponsor of many attractions at Disneylandand Walt Disney World

№11 слайд
Future of the Monsanto
Содержание слайда: Future of the Monsanto Corporation With the Monsanto continuing lobbying the United States Congress and the U.S. Department of Agriculture about regulations that would affect the production and distribution of genetically engineered produce there is a high chance that no changes will be provided in the future. Activist groups will continue to use the court system to challenge regulatory approvals of corn, soybean and other biotechnology‐derived crops in future.

№12 слайд
Monsanto in Russia Russia
Содержание слайда: Monsanto in Russia Russia remain the most perspective market for the Monsanto. Even thought there are two headquarters of the Company in Russia (inKrasnodar region and Orenburg city) most of its products were prohibited by the Russian Agriculture Ministry. The only products that are allowed for import are Round-up and Harness.

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