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Содержание слайда: VOCABULARY

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Содержание слайда: Emotions

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Содержание слайда: person

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Different music
Содержание слайда: Different music

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Содержание слайда: actively

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Содержание слайда: effects

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Every person accustomed from
Содержание слайда: Every person accustomed from birth to hear the music. Everyone has a favorite style of music, music that relaxes and one that is annoying. We already noticed that the role of music in our lives is pretty great, music can affect our mood, soothe us, lift your mood and make it worse. Why do different people like different music and how it affects our lives? Music builds a particular subculture, is changing the way people look at many things, shape the style of clothing, style of communication, style of a lifetime. Different music has different effects on humans. Because some melodies are even able to improve human memory, they also help to build an associative array of defined events and moments of life.

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It turns out that each person
Содержание слайда: It turns out that each person continuously, at the genetic level is associated with music, or rather sounds. These sounds can come from birds, animals and nature itself. The man himself, not noticing behind him, relaxes and heals at the expense of these sounds. Because the voices of the animals and birds have long been fixed in our subconscious as a kind of stimulus. It can be associated with both positive and negative emotions. As psychologists have discovered, a melody with a rhythm of 60 beats per minute, the effect is like meditation, she is quite able to distract any man from any problem by slowing down brain activity. If you listen to this music, actively improves memory, ability to work, calm and confidence.Thank you for your attention

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